Monday, June 26, 2006

Stopping the flood of Modernity with your hands

Haaretz has an article about how the charedi leaders are battling modernity and wether they are using the right tools.

The article suggests that instead of dealing with the economic crisis, they issue proclomations that no one listens to anyway.

I think we have the same situation here in America. I wonder how many people have actually listened to the ban on Internet? I wonder how much lip service todays american charedim pay to their leaders. I acknowledge, that the american charedim will fight for their leaders honor, but I dont know if they honor their leaders words.

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

God was watching over her ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION

Todays NY Times reports that yesterday a house exploded in the frum section in flatbush.
It killed at least one worker, and two others are seriously injured with major burns over their bodies.

Fire Department officials said that the man who was killed and the other two workers were in the basement building a mikvah, or small pool, to be used for ritual baths that Orthodox Jewish women take.

Ilyse Fink, a spokesman for the city's Department of Buildings, said that the house's owner, had not obtained a permit for the construction work. The department issued a stop work order on construction at the house.

A woman named Devora, 36, who refused to give her last name but said she was a cousin and neighbor, said that it was "a miracle" that the Owners wife had left the kitchen when she did. "God was watching over her," she said.

Very Nice....You do ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION and you thank God you didnt get killed?
What about, God was actually PUNISHING YOU and made you responsible for a death and 2 serious injuries.

I ask my readers, why isnt the mindset, where is the lesson to be learned from this instead of thank God im frum, so I can get away with this stuff.
(im a little unhappy about this event, maybe im overblowing it...)